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The National Robotics eXchange (NRX) 

Revolutionizing the robotics landscape by seamlessly connecting and empowering local robotics professionals through its innovative online community portal, fostering talent, fostering connections, and sparking collective action for the advancement of our nation.

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Attract top robotics talent. Advertise your job vacancies with us and unlock your company's growth potential.

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Discover, apply, and thrive in robotics and automation with our comprehensive career platform

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Access a vast database of job opportunities specifically tailored to the robotics and automation industry, making it easier to find relevant positions.

Resume Submission

Seamlessly upload and submit your resume to showcase your skills and experience to potential employers, increasing your chances of securing desirable job offers.

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Experience the power of MyRAS, in collaboration with top global robotics companies, as we connect clusters and foster international partnerships. Expand your business horizons and unlock infinite possibilities by accessing a global network of robotics professionals. Seamlessly collaborate, share insights, and propel your success on a worldwide scale. Join us today to revolutionize your approach, widen your business to international companies, and harness the collective strength of MyRAS and the global robotics industry leaders.

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Empowering Possibilities, Redefining Robotics

Networking Hub

Connect and collaborate with a vibrant community of robotics professionals, fostering valuable relationships, partnerships, and knowledge sharing opportunities.

Collaborative Opportunities

Discover collaboration prospects within various clusters and sectors, fostering innovation, synergy, and collective action for the advancement of the robotics field.

Talent Magnet

Attract top talent in the robotics industry by advertising job vacancies on our platform, connecting with skilled professionals who are actively seeking opportunities in this field.

Amplified Exposure

Gain extensive visibility and reach by showcasing your products, services, and job vacancies to a targeted audience within the robotics community.

Supportive Community

Benefit from a supportive and inclusive community that shares knowledge, provides guidance, and fosters a collaborative environment, encouraging growth and success.

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